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ZL7A - Chatham Isl.

ZL7A Update (Nov 09)

Our flight has now been changed again to saturday (11/11) depart 07:00 to Chathams. Of course, This is weather dependant.

May be further delayed.

I do never know at all.


Our today's flight unfortunately delayed a day due to fog which has plagued the island the last 2 weeks. and flight has now been changed to 11/10. This is of course weather dependant.

We will continue to be in Auckland.

ZL7A (Oct 30)


Bands: 6M - 160M & SAT IO-117 on 430 mHz

Modes: SSB, CW, FTxx(F/H, MSHV) & FM

Qsl Info: Qsl via JF1OCQ (direct)

Start Date - End Date: Nov. 09 - Nov. 22


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