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ZD7NAN - St Helena Isl.

At 93 years old, a retired school teacher, I hold the distinction of being the oldest ham radio operator ever on the picturesque island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. Being born on St. Helena in 1930 adds an extra layer to my identity, making me a true Saint!

My journey into amateur radio culminated in obtaining my licence in December 2023. This achievement follows a prolonged fascination with amateur radio, during which I spent countless hours absorbing the transmissions of a close family member operating his radio.

Though I have recently attained full licence as a ham radio operator, my enthusiasm is undiminished. I plan to enhance my involvement by first helping ZD7GWM set up our newly acquired DX-Patrol full duplex ground station!

Anticipating the year 2024 and beyond, I look forward to filling my log with contacts from across the globe!

For those perusing my QRZ page, I highly recommend joining our ZD7 St. Helena Facebook group to connect with fellow radio enthusiasts and other ZD7 here on our wonderful but tiny little island.

Looking forward to my very first pileup in 2024!

Nanna (as i am well known to everyone here on island).


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