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We celebrate 60 years of IOTA – Islands On The Air!

HAM RADIO 2024: From June 28 to 30, everything will revolve around amateur radio in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. In cooperation with the organizers, the DARC, as the conceptual sponsor of Europe's largest amateur radio trade fair, this meeting will open the doors to a world of almost unlimited possibilities. This big, wide world plays a significant role in the motto of HAM RADIO 2024: We celebrate 60 years of IOTA – Islands On The Air!

Since 1964, the international IOTA program has been promoting radio contacts with stations on islands around the world, from small rocky reefs in the vast ocean to the largest islands in the world. That sounds like adventures in remote corners of the earth, and that's exactly what many IOTA fans and active participants can tell tales about. IOTA stands for the joy of discovery that every radio amateur develops, even if he or she does not set sail personally, but IOTA is also a symbol of friendly competition among radio amateurs. Finally, IOTA is a symbol of the significance of amateur radio as a global unifying force.

That's why the motto of the 47th HAM RADIO is "60 years of Islands on the Air: technology meets adventure!"


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