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VK9XY & VK9CY - Christmas Isl.

VK9CY Update (Dec 07)

VK9CY is QRT now. Tomorrow Yuris and Eugene will start their trip home.

VK9CY Update (Dec 02)

All is going well at VK9CY. Low band vertical was installed and yesterday 263 QSOs were made on 160m and 365 QSOs on 80m (FT8). Log is being uploaded to Clublog once a day.

VK9CY Update (Nov 29)

Spiderbeam is up

VK9CY Update (Nov 28)

Yuris reports that they are in the Cocos (Keeling) islands hotel, DX-Commander vertical is installed and first QSOs are in the log already.

VK9XY Update (Nov 27)

VK9XY QRT soon

Yuris reports that at the moment VK9XY has a bit more than 35200 QSOs in the log and continues operation with the DX-Commander vertical only. Other antennas are packed. VK9XY will stop operation tomorrow (November 28) around 8:00 AM local morning.

Then tomorrow afternoon they will travel (using flight and ferry) to Cocos (Keeling) islands and start operations from there as VK9CY. The QTH of VK9CY will be on Home island.

VK9XY Update (Nov 22)

QRV on low bands

Low band vertical is up and is being used

VK9XY Update (Nov 20)

Low band vertical not ready yet

Low band vertical is installed, but still the tuning is pending. QSL card design is ready

VK9XY Update (Nov 18)

Delayed luggage arrived and Spiderbeam is up

Their main antenna bag was stuck in Perth airport, Australia. So they had found Hexbeam on the island, but because the antenna mast was in the missing bag too, they temporarily attached it to the boat parked in a yard. Yesterday the missing antenna bag arrived and they installed Spiderbeam. Low band vertical is still to be deployed.

VK9XY Update (Nov 15)

They have reached the Christmas island and started operations (VK9XY)

VK9XY Update (Nov 12)

On the way

Yuris/YL2GM and Eugene/EA5EL are in Australia. The airplane to Christmas island is scheduled for Tuesday.

VK9XY (Nov 08)

Ops: YL2GM & EA5EL

Bands: 10M - 160M

Modes: CW, SSB & FT8

Start Date - End Date: Nov. 14 - Nov. 27


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