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Bryan Amateur Radio Club prepares for Winter Field Day this weekend encouraging residents to join

BRYAN, Texas — This weekend, the Bryan Amateur Radio Club will host their annual Winter Field Day event, which will allow the public can stop by for an opportunity to operate and speak on radio systems to other radio clubs across the country.

Founded in 1954 by local radio enthusiasts, the Bryan Amateur Radio Club has continued into the 21st century with the same passion for volunteering and radio fun.

The purpose of the exercises is to practice emergency preparedness when faced with freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and other extreme situations that may disrupt regular modernized communications methods. However, the club offers much more than just emergency preparedness training.

Treasurer and Chairperson Lorna Flansburg, explained the event, saying "What we’re going to do for winter field day this year is also offer a series of workshops and presentations through the day, encouraging people to come and hang around and stay, see a presentation, drink coffee talk with other hands and then operate.”

Members are encouraging the younger generation to come out and learn essential radio skills that will last a lifetime.

“With as much as amateur radio relies on science, technology, engineering, and math, you know these stem subject areas, amateur radio is really an area where the children today or young people can apply those concepts in those stem areas and really get that hands-on experience,” explained BARC President David Bailey.

Regardless of age or background, this hobby can bring people together and inspire new connections.

“There's this whole other world out there of people who use radio for communication that I wasn’t even aware of," said Bailey. "I thought that was pretty neat, so I listened to the net and heard that they were giving a test soon, downloaded an app on my own to study the questions and kind of go through what the test was gonna be over, walked in one Saturday morning, sat down took a test, and got my license as a technician."


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