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9M4KI - West Malaysia (Songsong Isl. IOTA AS-058)

Ops: 9M2HUS, 9M2RHQ, 9M2YGF, 9M2RAD, 9M2SYG, 9M2RMT, 9W2HXP, 9W2EYR, 9W2NDQ, 9W2XKM, 9W2EZR, 9M2TGB, 9W2IGB, 9W2SDO, 9M2NUZ, 9M2DOC & 9W2KUN

Bands: 2M, 10M - 40M

Modes: SSB & FM (2M)

Qsl Info: Qsl via 9M2HUS

Start Date - End Date: May 12 - May 14

Notes: Songsong Isl. (IOTA AS-058)


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