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T22T - Tuvalu

T22T Update (Sep 30)

From now we will run no brain FT4 festival for 24h. All bands

SSB or cw on 20m when noise reduce to s5 s6




Talofa from Tuvalu

GSM 4G Internet stop working here . No international roaming allowed.

Hotel network don't let us upload the log.

"clublog" is marked as suspicious web page and is blocked. Hope 4G Will come back tomorrow

If you worry about your qso's just wait till tomorrow or call again. We don't care about dups at all.

From tomorrow we will concentrate on FT4 modes most of the time. Little ssb or cw only when background noise is gone for some minutes.

T22T Update (Sep 27)

It's almost impossible to work ssb and cw till this heavy equipment or us go away.

Most signals are killed by so many different things here. Something is making S9 noise and perfectly kills signals weaker than s6, s7

We are doing whatever we can to make contacts.

Here is some noise on 15m SSB

T22T Update (Sep 26)

We are planing to move a way from Funafuti hotel for last week of activity to one of the remote island nearby with a generator. Horrible led noise, lights, flashing bling bling island style light noise, heavy equipment usage around hotel make the operation little crazy. Another antennas are damaged by massive loaders. We are short with space here as there is impossible to use shore line due to construction side. The place on the picture is the only one we can use it for antennas but noise level there is s9+++ on 20m down. In this case we will run FT modes and move for last week somewhere a way from this place if possible.

In case you have hard time to copy us or need cw and ssb you can wait for a great, 12man team of German operstors planning to visit Tuvalu.

There is only 2 of us here on T22T and we are working as much we can.

This is how 80m sounds like

T22T Update (Sep 24)

Log will be update twice a day. Don't panic if you can't find your qso's. If you not sure keep calling. We don't care about dupes. It's better to have 4 dupes and be sure you are in the log than nothing. Internet connection is very slow locally.

Some facts. 5GB data = $50 AUD Drinking water 1.5l =$2.5 to $4AUD Accommodation $183AUD/day/ room Hotel "lunch" $20AUD per head (rice, chicken wing) Fresh water gone 100 times a day. Permanent, huge RF noise. Solaras, led lights, open electric wires, ect

But a lot of fun, as always!


Heavy rain in and out.

Some. Antennas are damage by heavy equipment passing by. There is big construction project going on. No possible to set antennas on shore.

Heavy tracks and Crains going left and right. We are doing whatever we can.

3rd day. 30.000+ qso's on FT8

We should start cw and ssb soon

Rebel Team


They have published a large gallery of photos that you can see in the source link.

T22T Update (Sep 23)


Still fighting with crazy noise level from gov. buildings, solar street and hotel lights. There is no way to escape from it.... until we switch them off on the rebel way?

That it's actually plan for low bands. So far 160 and 80 is out of "buiessnes"

There is also massive construction work next to our spot. They already cut coax 3 times by some of the Heavy equipment.

17 and 20m almost death during the day (more less 10am till 4pm local time ) very low signals and low trafic.

As soon as we will finish setting up all the antennas, we will start cw and ssb activity.

T22T Update (Sep 21)

Regards from Tuvalu!

Team set 4 stations so far. Bad news is 160.80.40 not exist in 4 different hotels. S9+60db permanently. We will try to do something tomorrow during the day.

More updates tomorrow

T22T (Sep 14)

Ops: Rebel DX Group Team

Bands: 6M - 160M

Modes: CW, SSB, FT4 & FT8

Qsl Info: Qsl via ClubLog OQRS

Start Date - End Date: Sep. 21 - Oct. 09


1. We will operate WSJT-x soft only. 2. We always send 73' but only 3 times, after 3rd time we are moving to CQ call and you have to try again.

3. We will operate FT8 as FOX &HUND @ NORMAL MODE on standart freq. Don't be surprised if you see our 2 signals, same time on the same band but different freq. (for example 14.074 and 14.090 or 18.100 and 18.095 and so on)


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