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9L5M - Sierra Leone

9L5M Update (Dec 01)

About the logs missing....

FYI - there is powercut atleast 5 times a day. So, for the ft8 contacts, if you are not in the log, that is probably because the RR73 has not been received and this happened during the powercut time, I know this is not your fault, but that is how things are in this part of the world, so please make a new attempt once again while i am on the air. Otherwise I have uploaded all logs to the club log. But happy to double check once the dxped is completed. Thank you.

9L5M Update (Nov 30)

built an Inverted L for 80m & 60m

QO-100 updates:

Did a video call with Gopan & Glitun, Took the dish antenna down at the beach, placed on a flat surface and used the mobile app to find the azimuth / elevation. position marked on the floor and real test to start tomorrow - the 1st December

UFO Formation...

Clublog live streaming

9L5M Update (Nov 29)

QO100 setup delayed due to blocking vegetations & tropical rain

9L5M Update (Nov 28)


Collected the delayed bags that contained radio gears!

9L5M Update (Nov 27)

Manch promised me he will go to the airport and picks the bags today. hopefully they come in and I am able to work at full strength, multiple bands and multiple modes. fingers crossed!

For now very ,limited transmission using IC705 and 5 watts using a small wire antenna.

9L5M Update (Nov 26)

Nationwide curfew introduced in Sierra Leone around 7am this morning due to a coup attempt on military barracks. So until this curfew is lifted, limited movement. That is another disappointment but hopefully that is lifted soon!

9L5M Update (Nov 25)

Yesterday, I had a great first sleep in Freetown after being sick during the ferry from Lungi Airport to Freetown.

Spoke to the Airline office this morning, a nice lady asked me to send the copy of the forms I filled up at the airport for retrieving the lost baggage. I sent her information via whatsapp and my local contact number. I politely asked her if she can lookup in their system to see where the bags are - to which she said I canly only trace that via email and no system to lookup. She promised me that she will call me on monday as the next flight arrives on sunday the 26th Nov, but as their office is closed on sunday, I can't get the bags on sunday and it will be on monday when I get a call from her. I looked up on the google map and can see her office is just 4 km away from my lodge which is a greater relief. Should the bags arrive on sunday, I should be able to collect them on Monday afternoon.

So if everything goes fine and I get the bags back, I should be able to setup everything by mid tuesday( 28th Nov) and hit the ground then onwards.

Early moring view from the balcony. that middle straight direction is 45 degree North East.

9L5M Update (Nov 24)

2 cases containing ALL radio gear has not arrived and the ETA is 27th November 2023.

9L5M (Nov 10)


Bands: 6M - 80M

Satellite: QO100 Permission confirmed

Modes: CW, SSB & FT8

Qsl Info: TBA soon ( as OM Fred is now SK)

Start Date - End Date: Nov. 24 - Dec. 05


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