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Yvelines. He was broadcasting insulting remarks with undeclared material, a convicted radio amateur

A 65-year-old resident of La Falaise (Yvelines) was sentenced by the Versailles court on Monday March 28, 2022. This radio amateur was the target of several complaints from all over France for comments he made to the antenna, reports 78 Actu

For several months, the respondent had made insulting remarks, in particular of a homophobic nature, explains the news site. The sexagenarian had also announced the false death of a man on Facebook. “People who knew me had even called the town hall where I live to find out when my funeral was,” the victim told our colleagues.

Prohibition to broadcast on the airwaves

The man, who hadn't taken care to hide his callsign, had been easily identified. He had been arrested for the first time by the gendarmes in December 2020, specifies the local media. His broadcasting equipment, which was not declared, had been seized.

He was again arrested on January 7 for non-compliance with his judicial review after buying equipment, according to our colleagues. The defendant was finally sentenced to one year in prison with a probationary sentence of 2 years. He was also sentenced to a ban on exercising amateur radio activity and to pay a fine of €5,000, concludes 78 Actu


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