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TT8XX, TT8TT & TT8RR - Chad

The Team will be active from 16/17 to 30 April 2024

Six operators of the Italian Dxpedition Team will be active as TT8RR (SSB-CW-RTTY), TT8XX (FT8) and TT8TT (satellite QO100).


They will run 4 stations on 6 to 80 meters + 1 station on satellite.


FT8 will use Fox mode.

When the pileups have worn off, will be used in normal mode.


QSL direct to I2YSB.


See for log on line in real-time

Since it is the hottest period of the year (43 degrees Celsius expected in the shade!) the team is already equipping itself with 1 backup power generator given that the location's generator will not be able to function 24 hours a day.


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