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Special Callsign AP75 for August

Pakistan Amateur Radio Society ( PARS ) will operate under special callsign AP75PAK and Pakistani operators will use AP75 prefix with their existing callsigns for the month of August to celebrate 75 years of Pakistan Independence. pls look out for AP75... callsigns On satellites, HF and also on 6 meter.

The award will be given for any combination of 5 qso with AP75 stations. Repetitions with same stations on same mode or same band will not be counted.


AP75xyz qso on 15m SSB, 15m CW, 15m FT8, 17m CW, 17m SSB is acceptable for award

AP75xyz on 20m CW, 10m FT8, AP75xxy on 20m CW, 40m SSB, AP75yyz on QO100 is also acceptable.

Following mediums are allowed.

1. QO 100

2. ISS crossband repeater

3. HF voice ( any band)

4. FT8

5. CW

AP75....... will be operational from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar and Abbottabad cities.

To claim your certificates please fill the form on the below link.

Good luck 73s


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