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Redding veterans use HAM radio to connect to people across the globe on Veterans Day

REDDING, Calif. — People across the Northstate are celebrating Veterans Day. And, in Redding, the Veterans Home is making it an international celebration.

Michael VanCleemput is a member of the home’s Amateur Radio Club. He’s been working for months to put together a Veterans Day event where his club connects with veterans across the globe.

“Our purpose is to unite with [amatuer radios] all over the world,” VanCleemput said. “So we want to really have fun. You know this is our fun day, so it’s a celebration of Veterans Day, and, at the same time, creating goodwill.”

They had special antennas set up in the front yard for signal. And inside, the communication took place. Michael made the first call-out

“Who hears this signal? Over,” Michael said.

All at once, multiple calls came in. People called in from all over the country, and the world, reaching as far as New Zealand.

“44 Nebrask... 5 and 5 Georgia...5 and 7 New Zealand, big signal, Mike, well done,” the calls rang out. “Rodger, rodger,” Michael said excitingly.

Michael even wanted me to hop on the call so I could experience what it was like also receiving calls.

“And she’s going to come on the air with me as a third-party communicator,” Michael said across the channel.

It was an honor to be a part of this international celebration of veterans.

“Well, good afternoon,” a caller said.

“Good afternoon. Happy Veterans Day. Appreciate everyone hopping on this.”

For Michael, he said this is a once-in-a-lifetime connection he’ll never forget and a backlist item.

“It’s a final connection with veterans all over. I feel a culmination of my life’s purposes, energies and what I’ve done in my life and so forth. So, it a very happy time”


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