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Earthquake in Bosnia-Herzegovina — 22 April 2022

At 2107UTC on 22nd April an earthquake registering 5.7 on the Richter scale struck around 45km South west of the city of Mostar but was felt across a wider area including Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Sadly the quake is reported to have caused one death and many injuries.

5 minutes after the earthquake the emergency communications service of ARAuBiH ( RMZO )was activated. Following their plans, three teams from local radio clubs were mobilised and established a network using existing VHF repeaters and a portable crossband unit. A digital connection was also established between Sarajevo and Zenica E70ARA via Winlink with situation reports being passed in IARU message format.

Because of the risk of aftershocks damaging buildings weakened by the first earthquake, the emergency networks are remaining active until the danger has passed. Along with a number of frequencies and repeaters at VHF/UHF, the following HF frequencies will also be in use.

3.612MHz LSB Voice 3.612MHz USB Digital 7.125MHz LSB Voice 7.125MHz USB Digital

(Info from Alen E71AR Emcomm Coordinator ARAuBiH RMZO )


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