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Challenger Maine campers speak with NASA Astronaut aboard ISS

Campers at the Challenger Learning Center of Maine in Bangor had an experience Thursday that was out of this world.

Sixteen campers from around the region got the chance to hear from Astronaut Bob Hines who is aboard the International Space Station.

The Challenger Center and the Amateur Radio on the ISS hosted the live conversation.

Eight-year-old Libby Lebsack of Old Town was one of three campers who got to ask Hines questions about life aboard the space station.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to be an astronaut and talk to one at least one time in my life and this is a once in a lifetime experience,” she said. “I asked him what he would look forward to most when he got home.”

Hines says he’s looking forward to seeing his family and having a big slice of pizza!

“What a wonderful opportunity to be able to ask these specific questions and just even trying to imagine the distance between them here on earth and the astronaut and how he got there, and his journey from being a kiddo who was excited in STEM to where he is now,” explained Sarah Raymond-Boyan, Lead Flight Director for Challenger Learning Center of Maine.

Libby tells us she hopes to follow in Hines’ footsteps one day.

Click here to learn more about the Challenger Learning Center of Maine.


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