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CARS to support Scouts in 2021 JOTA

This Year the Jamboree on the Air event is taking place on the 15th to 17th of October, and just like every year CARS will be supporting the Cyprus Scouts Association in order to participate in the international Jamboree on the Air scouting event.

JOTA-JOTI is the largest Scouting event in the world with over 1 million Scouts participating across 150+ countries.

The event is held during the third weekend of October . This year’s event aims to encourage young people to keep moving towards the SDGs.

During the event, all the CARS Repeaters shall be made available for use by the various Scouts groups around Cyprus. Amateur Radio frequencies must be used in the presence and supervision of a licensed radio amateur, and all laws and regulations that govern amateur radio frequency use must be adhered to. Moreover, Cyprus based radio amateurs are kindly requested to accommodate any JOTA traffic during the JOTA weekend with patience.

In addition to the above the CARS DMR Repeater at Troodos shall be setup with the Cyprus national JOTA talk-group 28091 as static on Time-slot 2, while the international JOTA talk-group 907 can be used as dynamic on Time-slot 1. Any other statically connected talk-groups shall temporarily be disconnected.

CARS calls it’s members and any other radio amateurs based in Cyprus to help with this wonderful youth event. Any radio amateur wishing to help, and is not already involved with the event, is invited to contact the CARS President for more information.

Moreover, any Scout groups in Cyprus wishing to setup a radio amateur station at their premises, or wishing to visit a radio amateur station during the event, are invited to contact CARS and efforts shall be made to accommodate their request, as far as possible given our limited resources.

For more information regarding the JOTA event and ideas on JOTA activities, one may refer to the official World Organization of the Scout Movement website for JOTA-JOTI,


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