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A Performance (Yet Simple) Vertical Antenna

While discussing simple and easy Field Day antennas with a local ham, I happened to remember a design that I had seen in the ARRL Antenna Book many years ago. The design had interested me at the time, and I even modeled it in EZNEC+, but I never built it, because I had other antenna designs for 20M that were already working well for me.

My friend, however, didn't have an effective antenna for 20M, as most of his work is on 40M during the evenings. Since he wanted a dedicated 20M antenna for Field Day and other weekend events, he decided to build the design from my model. As it turns out, the antnena is every bit as effective as the model suggests, and can be built for a few dollars in just about any yard.

The design was originally suggested in a September 1984 QST article, by K8CH. The idea is simple enough — hang a wire vertical from a support, using two elevated but sloped radials to form a basic "ground plane" antenna. Since the radials are elevated, the ground losses are minimized, even though there are only two of them.


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